Our Promise

AlumiTank, Inc, manufacturer of typical and custom diesel, hydraulic and water aluminum tanks, has been serving the trucking industry since 1978. We promise the following…to complete your order in a timely fashion, provide an end product that will meet or exceed your expectations, and at a price that is competitive in the industry. If you are not fully satisfied, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.


We look forward to serving you the good old fashioned way… with respect, honor, and integrity. In return, we request just one thing – timely payment. If we have not met your expectations in some way, please contact us so that we may have the chance to correct the problem and earn your business. AlumiTank, Inc prides itself in making the best tanks in the USA at an affordable price and with the best customer service. We’d love to prove it to you.


Orders regularly entered, either with a bonafide purchase order, or via a signed quote and drawing, cannot be cancelled once put into production except upon the terms that will compensate the manufacturers [AlumiTank, Inc] against loss. All work done is billable to the customer.

Credit Policy

AlumiTank, Inc. offers generous credit terms to qualified customers and reserves the right to hold orders on accounts that go beyond established credit limits. The purchaser agrees to pay any late fees accrued and any NSF bank charges to AlumiTank, Inc. for each bounced check. As AlumiTank shall expend substantial sums of money and time in connection with its performance of the work prior to receiving payment from Customer, and to secure the payment of the contract price and the other sums to be paid by Customer, Customer pledges and grants to AlumiTank a security interest in and to all materials, parts and finished product manufactured or to be manufactured by AlumiTank pursuant hereto (the “Collateral”). In the event of Customer’s nonpayment, AlumiTank’s rights and remedies with respect to the Collateral shall be those of a Secured Party under the Uniform Commercial Code of Illinois and under any other applicable law. In connection herewith, Customer agrees to execute and deliver, upon the request of AlumiTank, any and all further documents and financing statements which may be reasonably required by AlumiTank to perfect its security interest as herein granted, and in the event of the failure of Customer to so execute such further documents, Customer appoints AlumiTank as its attorney in fact for the purposes of executing such further documents on Customer’s behalf.

Drawings, Print, Photos, Copies

All originals of these items are the property of the supplier. If AlumiTank, Inc supplies or produces them, they remain ATI property and cannot be transferred to the customer without full payment, plus profit, for the work involved. Conversely, if they are supplied by the customer, they remain his property, but they now become his liability. The manufacturer is no longer required to do any more than faithfully reproduce his product from the materials supplied to him. His liability goes no further.


On each rough drawing, changes and corrections must be clearly spelled out and signed by the customer, indicating the change and location by both lateral and vertical weld seem, when applicable. Changes once production has started may be subject to an additional fee. Some changes may not be possible depending on the stage of production.


At least one rough drawing/silhouette/worksheet of each tank (or other production item) must be submitted (or on file as a Master Print) for each order. A final production print and formal quote will be generated from these roughs and are to be signed and returned to the AlumiTank, Inc as the CAD engineering template and manufacturing guide. If additional roughs require the signature final print to be modified (prior to the commencement of production), change fees may apply.

Roughs, Proofs, Templates

All roughs, proofs, templates and final drawings used in production remain the property of the AlumiTank, Inc.

Production Deviations

On occasion, orders may deviate from production prints. Any production deviations greater than 5% will be clearly spelled out to the customer and are subject to customer approval. This is necessary due to potential variances in Plasma Cutter & CNC tolerances and other variable factors. It will be the final decision of the customer whether such a deviation is acceptable. AlumiTank, Inc will not be liable to make up deviations below 5%.

Testing/Placards/Serial Numbering

All tanks with component parts are tested to be leak free and meet FMCSA standards prior to shipping to the customer. Each tank shall receive a serial number and placard indicating its compliance with FMCSA standards.


Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for a single shipment, without storage, and is F.O.B. the manufacturer‘s loading dock. Title and risk of loss of the products transfers to customer at such time the products are picked up by customer (or by a freight hauler for transport to customer). All proposals, based upon a series of shipments at one time, or a series of shipments throughout a given period of time, requiring or not requiring storage, shall be specifically stated in the quotation request confirmed in the bid and stipulated in the purchase order. Additional storage fees and appropriate insurance for storage may apply. All orders must be paid in full at the time of shipping, unless on account. AlumiTank, Inc. does not up-charge customers for shipping and will make every effort to find the best rate available on the day of shipment. Quotes (including signed quotes) for shipping may vary at the actual time of shipping due to fuel surcharges and length of time between original quote and ship date and are the responsibility of the customer.

Delays in Delivery

All items produced by the AlumiTank, Inc. are made contingent upon our inability to deliver due to shortages of material, carrier delays, wars, strikes, fires, floods, accidents, Government Decree (foreign or domestic), or other contingencies beyond our control, such as acts of God. The manufacturer‘s liability is limited to cost or replacement of the product and normal freight charges only.

Repairs and Changes

This is recognized as a gray area unless the product is not exactly as specified in the order and copy submitted and/or does not function as intended according to production specifications that were clearly identified on the purchase order. All changes must be covered in writing – additional fees may apply.

Statement of Policy

Defective Merchandise

 shall be returned to our manufacturing plant upon our request. Normal freight charges will be paid by AlumiTank, Inc. All returns must be accompanied by a RGA #.

Copy or Construction Changes

 will not be allowed on reruns.

Performance of the Product and Limitation of Liability

AlumiTank, Inc. is a custom fuel tank manufacturer and is not responsible for the operational quality of end products produced from customer roughs without prior appropriate engineering for the specific function required unless the following conditions have been met:

  • The product used and any special requirements of such products produced have been clearly identified in the quotation request, the bid, and the purchase order;
  • The equipment in which the product is used is in top condition and not in need of any repair that would make the product malfunction;
  • The customer, in the event of a dispute, will have the equipment company’s service technician (Customer Engineer) demonstrate to the sole satisfaction of AlumiTank, Inc. that the machine in which the form is used is in proper running order.
  • In no event shall AlumiTank, Inc. be held liable for any costs for customer down time, programming time, processing time, or other incidental or consequential damages including lost profits. The liability of AlumiTank, Inc. is limited to cost of the product supplied by AlumiTank, Inc. for replacement of the product and normal freight charges.

Disclaimer of Warranties

AlumiTank, Inc. has made no warranty that the goods covered by this contract are merchantable or fit for any purpose other than that stated, and there are no warranties, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description of the goods contained in this contract.

The Right to Reject an Order

AlumiTank, Inc. reserves the right to reject an order that is deemed unacceptable and/or if material as quoted is not available at the estimated price and delivery time, when the order is placed. The order must be a duplicate of the quotation and must be entered within a period of 30 days of the date of quotation.

Special Materials

Some orders require special materials that have lead-times outside of the control of AlumiTank, Inc. In the event that your order requires such materials, AlumiTank, Inc. will communicate those exceptions and make every effort to get you your order in a reasonable amount of time, thereafter.

Performance of the Product

The customer shall not expect or hold responsible the manufacturer [AlumiTank, Inc.] for the performance of the product beyond reasonable expectations of that intended, or as indicated below-

  • The product/tank is being used as intended according to specifications that have been clearly spelled out in the quotation request, the bid, and/or the purchase order.
  • The equipment the product/tank is being used on is in top condition and not in need of repair that would make the product malfunction.
  • The customer, in the event of a dispute, will have the equipment company’s service technician (Customer Engineer) demonstrate to the sole satisfaction of AlumiTank, Inc. that the equipment being used is in proper running order and “A-1” condition.
  • The exclusive remedy offered by AlumiTank, Inc. is to faithfully reproduce the product from the original signed production print supplied by the customer. AlumiTank, Inc. shall not be held liable for any costs for customer downtime, programming time, processing time, or other consequential damages, including profits (or profits lost).

Returns / Restock Fees

Any return must be approved and given an RMA (return materials authorization) control number. Most orders are custom in nature and may not be returnable. For items that are approved for return, a restock fee will be applied and may vary depending on the extent of customization and resaleability. In general, a 15% restock fee is applied to items we stock; other items may be assessed a 20% or higher fee, solely at Alumitank’s discretion.